Elitecell EliteGro细胞培养基

Elitecell EliteGro细胞培养基


EliteGro provides abundant human source growth factors and cytokines and works as effective replacement for FBS (fetal bovine serum) to support cell expansion. EliteGro is animal serum-free, non-xenogeneic cell culture supplement for research or industrial commercial cell growth and proliferation of multiple types of mesenchymal stem cells.

EliteGro提供丰富的人源生长因子和细胞因子,可作为FBS(胎牛血清)的有效替代品,以支持细胞扩增。 EliteGro是不含动物血清,非异种细胞培养补充剂,用于研究或工业商业细胞生长和多种间充质干细胞的增殖。

本产品经美国FDA认证,DMF 备案号 032759

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Products产品  Catalog No.货号 Spec.规格
EliteGro EPG-500 500 ml
EliteGro EPG-050 50 ml
EliteGro advanced EPA-500 500 ml
EliteGro advanced  EPA-050 50 ml
EliteGro advanced GMP Grade EPAGMP-500 50 ml
EliteGro advanced GMP Grade EPAGMP-050 50 ml

Products Storage产品储存

EliteGro products are most stable when stored frozen (-20°C or below). Products have 3.5 years shelf life determined from Date of Manufacture, continuously stored frozen (-20°C or below) in original bottle. The manufacture date is indicated on the product label. Completed media containing EliteGro can be stored at 2 °C to 8 °C for maximum of 2 weeks. Once EliteGro and products are thawed, it is recommended to use in completed medium preparation (e.g. 5 %) immediately, or to divide it into single-use aliquot and store at -20 °C. NOTE: Avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles as it will cause potential decrease in EliteGro performan.

EliteGro产品在-20°C或更低时冷藏最稳定。 根据制造日期确定产品的保质期为3.5年,在原瓶中连续冷冻(-20°C或更低)。

生产日期显示在产品标签上。 含有EliteGro的完整培养基可在2°C至8°C下储存,最长可存放2周。





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