Smart Practice 8mm Finn Chambers® on Scanpor® Tape

Item #/Vendor: AL7001


Finn Chambers® on Scanpor® Tape

Finn Chambers® on Scanpor® Tape

Finn Chambers可用于在执业医师的指导下对接触性皮炎和皮肤炎的过敏原的局部评估测试。


  • Finn Chambers可提供每板10孔(5×2),5孔(5×1)或单孔
  • Scanpor胶带是一种低过敏性手术胶带,由人造丝和聚酯纤维制成,带有非乳胶粘合剂

Finn Chambers are used in the topical application of allergens for evaluating contact dermatitis and skin dermatitis under the direction of a licensed physician. They may also be used in experimental skin allergy test protocols.

Non-sterile aluminum chambers are already mounted on tape for optimized skin adhesion, comfort, patient acceptability and ease of use. The protective paper backing easily peels away to expose the chambers for allergen application.

  • Finn Chambers are available in panels of 10 (5×2), 5 (5×1) or as single chambers
  • Scanpor tape is a hypoallergenic surgical tape made of rayon and polyester fibers with a non-latex adhesive